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Attendance Policy Request

Deadline to submit: By the posted Attendance Deadline date (refer to semester schedule).
Processing time: 30 calendar days.
*Please submit your completed form and supporting evidence to the Office of Student Affairs by email:

Attendance Policy Request form [PDF form, available for download]

In Alexander College classes, the instructor sets an attendance standard that is required in classrooms with various consequences (such as deduction of participation grade or not being allowed to write your final exam) as decided upon by the instructor, and attendance management is enforced by the Office of Student Affairs. Notwithstanding any Accommodation provided by the school in the first three weeks of the term, this policy applies to all University Transfer courses. Attendance for EAP classes, however, is set at a firm 75%, and in UPRE a 90% attendance is required. If you don’t meet this attendance requirement in English or EAP, you cannot write your final exam.

These levels of attendance are mandatory, and no exceptions will be made (including for doctor’s notes) without an accompanying appeal, which is also coordinated through the Office of Student Affairs. The attendance appeal form may be accessed by a student via the front desk. For the College to review and finalize an Attendance Policy request, a student must submit the request form and supporting documents to the Student Affairs Officer or the Director of Student Affairs. These appeals, as with others, will be provided to the Office of Student Affairs with a determination to be made under the advisement of different departments throughout the college. Cases of a difficult nature will be presented to the Director of Student Affairs for a final determination.

For an attendance request to be reviewed, students are encouraged to:

  • File an “Attendance Policy Request Form”,
  • Attach supporting evidence,
  • Submit the application to the front desk by the posted deadline.

During absence, it is student’s responsibility to keep up with reading and to submit assignments on time.

With the appropriate notification, students may be permitted up to 10 consecutive days of absence from class (excluding Sundays and holidays).

Attendance request is likely to be approved for the following circumstances:

  • Wedding (for yourself or a family member, proof required);
  • Sudden change in health that requires hospitalization (not for chronic condition);
  • Going back to home country to medical treatment for ongoing illness (explanation of travel required);

Other circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For situations that involve visiting relatives who are in critical medical condition or to attend funerals, refer to “Bereavement / Compassionate Leave”

Examples of circumstances which will not be approved for Attendance Request:

  • Vacation.
  • Ongoing psychological illness (depression, insomnia, etc.) – refer to Accommodations.
  • Minor illness – headache, high blood pressure, nausea.

All non-health related and known in advance events must be scheduled in a way that do not interfere with the course delivery. It is a student’s responsibility to be present for exams/quizzes and to stay on track with readings and assignments during absence.


Office of Student Affairs: