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Bereavement / Compassionate Leave Request

*Please submit your form to the campus where you took the course. Failure to do so will result in delay in processing your appeal.

Bereavement / Compassionate Leave Request Form

Alexander College acknowledges that losing a family member or close relative can impact a student emotionally, as well as their academic standing. In order to promote your well-being, the College has developed the Bereavement Policy to grant emergency leave immediately following the death of a close relation to allow time for students to deal with their grief and bereavement and/or attend funeral services. This policy is enacted through the use of the Bereavement Leave Request Form, which can be accessed by students through the front desk and to be submitted to the Student Affairs Officer.

The leave is granted for 5 consecutive days (excluding Sundays and holidays), and additional 4 days may be permitted for international travel. For the College to review and finalize a bereavement request, a student must submit the request form and supporting documents (death certificate or certificate from the hospital and flight ticket (if applicable)) to the Student Affairs Officer or the Director of Student Affairs. The absence (a maximum of 9 consecutive days) will not affect student’s attendance percentage, and any missed work (assignment deadline / quiz / exam) will be deferred at the College’s expense.

If you have questions regarding the form or how to fill it out, please connect with the Office of Student Affairs and we can assist you during this challenging time. It’s also important to note that consideration for bereavement leave may also be given if a family member is terminally ill or in palliative care, and these instances will be considered on a case by case basis.

Notification must be made within one week of the death occurring though exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. The Director of Student Affairs or the Health and Wellness Counsellor, if applicable, will provide a written notice to your instructors regarding the situation and provide Accommodations for missed work.


Student Affairs Officer: Tatiana Alamian,

Director of Student Affairs: Scott Marsden,

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