Important Update: October 22, Winter 2022 Course Delivery Update
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Midterm / Final Exam Deferral Request

Deadline to submit: 10 business days for situations known in advance; Within 5 business days after missing an exam.
Processing time: 30 calendar days.
*Please submit your completed form and supporting evidence to the Office of Student Affairs by email:

Midterm Exam Deferral FormFinal Exam Deferral Form [PDF form, available for download]

The Office of Student Affairs, as a type of Accommodation, provides advocacy for students in the form of deferrals for exams – in other words, changing the time of the exam in extreme circumstances when the student cannot attend at the regularly scheduled time.

Students may submit a formal request to defer the date of a final or midterm examination when circumstances beyond their control prevent them from attending. The request must be in writing and must be approved the Office of Student Affairs. Please note that the College does not have a policy for exam re-writes.

Requests will be granted only in exceptional circumstances such as a death in the family or a medical emergency. Any requests arising from poor planning or inconvenience, such as booking a flight before the exam schedule is published or conflict with another activity will not be approved.

In order to successfully defer an exam, students are encouraged to follow the steps outlined below:

  • Check the Course Syllabus on Exam Deferrals/Make-up exams;
  • Fill out an applicable exam deferral form;
  • Attach evidence;
  • Make a payment at the bookstore ($150 per exam);
  • Submit your application to the front desk before the deadline.

Common reasons why deferrals are denied:

  • Request submitted past the deadline;
  • Request submitted without acceptable evidence;
  • Student did not notify the instructor of inability to take scheduled exam;
  • Issues with a medical note:
    • Medical note does not cover the date of the exam;
    • Medical note issued retroactively (for days prior to visit to the clinic);
    • Medical note does not show the day of the visit to the clinic;
    • Medical note cannot be verified (forfeited);
  • For non-emergency situations: student could have dealt with the situation outside of class time.

Examples of acceptable evidence:

  • Medical note
  • Court order
  • Police record
  • Any document issued by a person in authority. The note/letter must include date, name, contact information, reason.

Other evidence may also be considered

Exam Deferral Refunds
Some exam deferral requests may qualify for a refund:

  1. Unforeseen life altering circumstances – victim of a traffic accident, victim of crime (attach police report);
  2. Serious illness – Hospital admittance for own sudden serious illness or serious injury (attach hospital document);
  3. Sudden change in health during exam – example: fainting, sudden severe allergic reaction, asthma attack;
  4. Bereavement – death of a family member (attach death certificate)
  5. Course policy on make-up exams – that is, when the weight of a missed exam is moved to the rest of the exams (as per the course syllabus)

Note: Not being able to afford the fee is not a valid reason for refund, as this is not related to the original reason for missing the exam.

Additional information about Examinations is also available here


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