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Final Grade Appeal

Deadline to submit: 30 calendar days of the final exam day.
Processing time: 30 calendar days since the acknowledgment of receipt of the appeal.
*Please submit your completed form and supporting evidence to the Office of Student Affairs by email:

Grade Appeal Form [PDF form, available for download]

Students have the right to appeal the final grade assigned for a course or program. Students must verify the grade with the course instructor to ensure that no error has been made. All reasonable steps possible should be taken by the student to resolve a grade dispute with the instructor before pursuing the formal appeal process. After attempting to resolve the dispute with the instructor, and within 30 calendar days of the exam day, the student wishing to appeal a final grade must fill out the Final Grade Appeal Form. Together with the Final Grade Appeal form, the student must present the following documents:

  • Supporting documents for appealing a final exam grade:
    • Printout of the Exam Viewing Request (submitted online), available at the library after viewing the exam. Student may arrange viewing times with instructor once the exam is available.
    • Evidence to support one of the reasons for appeal
    • Receipt of $50.00 fee (payable at the bookstore)
  • Supporting documents for appealing an assignment/quiz grade:
    • Copy of the assignment
    • Assignment requirements (provided to student by instructor)
    • Evidence to support one of the reasons for appeal
    • Receipt of $50.00 fee (payable at the bookstore).

Students may contact the Student Affairs Officer to discuss the reasons for the appeal and the appeal process. Final grade appeal is accepted only if the reason(s) for the appeal is one of the following:

  • I feel my instructor did not follow the College policy and procedures relating to the assignment of grades.
  • I feel my instructor did not follow the grading outline as per the approved course outline distributed to students. Students must be notified in writing or in any other way demonstrable of notifying all students of any changes of substance and relevance to the course outline.
  • I feel my instructor did not treat me fairly compared to other students in the class.

The Final Grade Appeal Form with the supporting documents MUST be submitted to the front desk of the campus where the course was offered (an appeal for a course offered in Burnaby Campus must be submitted in Burnaby campus, and vice versa).

Typical reasons why a final grade appeal can be cancelled or denied:

  • The appeal form is submitted past the deadline (after 30 days of the final exam);
  • The appeal form is incomplete (missing course information and/or supporting documents);
  • The appeal is filed for personal and behavioural reasons, for example:
    • “I need to pass the class to transfer the credit / use as pre-requisite”;
    • “Can’t financially afford to re-take the course”;
    • “I worked hard and deserve a higher grade”;

To start an appeal process, the Student Affairs Officer receives all relevant exams, assignments, and marks from the instructor and/or the student. The evidence will be carefully examined and, if the grounds for appeal are established, an independent instructor within the same subject area will be assigned to re-grade the student’s assignment or exam. As a result of the Grade Appeal, a final grade for the assignment / exam might be raised, lowered, or remain the same. Even if the assignment/exam grade has changed, this may result in no change to the final grade for the course.


Office of Student Affairs: