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The Peer Mentorship program has been suspended until further notice. All eligible mentors and mentees may be contacted upon the reinstatement of the program.

What is the Mentorship Program?

The Mentorship Program offers peer-to-peer support for new students. Student Engagement facilities the connection of senior students (Mentors) with incoming students (Mentees) with the goal of achieving academic success, encouraging personal and professional growth and providing assistance. Using a series of eight pre-designed meetings, our Mentors will aid in navigating Mentees through their first term and ready them for experiences both during or after their time at Alexander College.

What is a Mentor? What is a Mentee?
  • Senior Student, enrolled for two or more terms at Alexander College
  • Minimum GPA of 2.50 or higher
  • Natural leader, excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • New Student, in their first term at Alexander College
  • Open minded, willing to learn from another student
  • Highly motivated, wanting to learn more about resources and opportunities
Benefits of a Mentor Benefits of a Mentee
  • Add as experience to your resume
  • Enhance Communication and Leadership Skills
  • Receive a Letter of Completion
  • Receive one-on-one personal support
  • Learn more about Canadian Culture
  • Become more informed of available resources
  • Receive a Letter of Completion
Peer Mentorship Program at Alexander College
Two students studying together outside the campus

Time Commitments and Expectations

To successfully complete the program, Mentors and Mentees must meet for eight meetings per term. Meetings are approximately one hour long and will occur virtually on a platform that is mutually agreeable between the pair.

Peer Mentorship Artistic Project

We are glad to announce the winners of Peer Mentorship 2022 Artistic Project: Ana and Shameen. View their winning artistic project below.

To view other submissions, click here.

Reviews from Current Mentors and Mentees

“Through these two months I’ve got to experience so many things and learned from them. Being a Mentor has made me able to get out of my comfort zone and be more responsible. Thank you again for letting me be a part of this project.” – Yasmin (Mentor)
“This program works very well and it helps new students have a smooth start at Alexander College. I very much like the idea of topics about school resources, goals setting etc. I personally think they are very useful for students and they are full of great information.” – Veronika (Mentor)
“I am really appreciating the time I am having with my Mentor. She is polite, communicative and she is helping me to understand better about the process which I am facing as a student. Also, to understand my strengths and even weaknesses and how can I to improve them during this time in College.” – Dayana (Mentee)

For questions, or to submit your application, please contact us by email: