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Alexander College Scholarships

Academic scholarships reward outstanding achievement in a specific discipline (e.g. commerce, psychology, etc.). Scholarships are offered in each major term (Fall, Winter, Spring).


Award Type: Scholarship
Value: $1,200 CAD each

Currently Processing Nominations for: Spring 2023 term

Nomination Deadline: August 31, 2023

Recipients Announced: September 15, 2023

Subject Rotations:
Fall term (award given in Winter):

  1. Norman Swartz Philosophy Scholarship
  2. English Scholarship
  3. Biology Scholarship
  4. Asia Studies Scholarship
  5. Computing Science Scholarship
  6. Film Scholarship

Winter term (award given in Spring):

  1. Commerce Scholarship
  2. History Scholarship
  3. Chemistry Scholarship
  4. EAP Scholarship*
  5. Psychology Scholarship
  6. Communications Scholarship

*Students enrolled in EASL 068 – ENGL 099 (excluding UPRE 099) may be considered for the EAP Scholarship. Credit requirement waived for EAP scholarships only.

Spring term (award given in Fall):

  1. Physics Scholarship
  2. Sociology Scholarship
  3. Peter Kennedy Economics Scholarship
  4. Math Scholarship
  5. French Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Academic excellence within the respective subject area;
  2. Strong attendance record within the respective subject area;
  3. Cumulative GPA of 2.67 in a minimum of 9 credits

Nominations: Students are nominated by their instructor immediately after final grades are entered in a term. Each instructor can nominate multiple students in each course section. Nomination is voluntary.

Selection Committee: The Regular Instructors within each subject area convene, according to the scheduled rotation of subject area awards, to form the selection committees in a given term. In cases where there is only one Regular Instructor for that subject area (e.g., HIST), s/he should consult with the SASC member. In EAP, the Department Head is always included in the Committee.

External Scholarships

In addition to our internal Scholarships at Alexander College we are also committed to student success by connecting students to external scholarships– please see below a list of external scholarships. To check for the eligibility requirements, make sure to review the website through the links below. The requirements mentioned below are not an exhaustive list. We have also included if the application is essay based, nomination or standard form.

P.S: The deadlines may change, for regularly updated information, please visit the respective website.

Scholarship for Indigenous Students

This is an entrance scholarship for people of Indigenous ancestry, including First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. Two scholarships equivalent to 60 credits, including books, will be awarded each year starting in Winter 2023. Students will be required to submit their scholarship application package before the deadlines stated and need to have successfully gained admission into the college before the Winter 2023 term.


Award Type: Entrance Scholarship for Indigenous* Students
Value: 60 Credits or 20 courses (equivalent to a full Associate Degree) and textbooks

Applications Closed, to be reopened for Spring 2023 Term

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Indigenous ancestry (First Nation, Inuit, or Métis)
  • Canadian citizen, permanent resident, convention refugee, or protected person
  • Eligible for admission to the college (see Academic Calendar)
  • Submitted scholarship application package before stated deadline
  • Admitted to the college before term starts

Application form:

Please submit this form to to apply.
Scholarship for Indigenous Students Application Form

*Alexander College uses the term “Indigenous” in place of “Aboriginal” as held in the spirit of its use in section 35(2) of the Canadian Constitution, to refer inclusively to members of First Nations, status and non-status, treaty and non-treaty Indians, Métis, and Inuit peoples in Canada, recognizing that many people prefer the terms that are specific and traditional to their communities.