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Citation Workshops

As one of the requirements for some courses at Alexander College, students may have to officially complete a Citations Workshop. The workshop is designed for self-study, and the Exit Quiz will determine if you pass.

Even if it is not part of your course requirement, we still recommend checking out the Citations Workshop course, as learning how to properly cite sources for assignments, papers and general projects can help you avoid getting into trouble for plagiarism.

You can access the Citations Workshop course via the Student Support hub on Canvas.

After self-registering, work through the material in order by viewing the PowerPoints and attempting the practice quizzes.

Exit Quizzes

Once you have worked through the material, the Exit Quizzes will be unlocked.
The Exit Quizzes are open book – this means you can use your style guide to help you!

  • The Exit Quiz is split into three parts (a, b, and c) and each covers different aspects of citations.
  • Once you pass one quiz, the next will be unlocked.
  • You have 3 attempts to pass each part of the Exit Quiz.

Complete this before the deadline! To find out when the deadline is, check the date marked in the Exit Quiz.

Obtaining your Pass Report

Once you have passed Part C, a Pass Report Quiz will be unlocked. You have only a single attempt to obtain your pass report. To obtain your pass report, fill out the required information in the quiz and submit it. This submission is your pass report. Take a screenshot to give to your instructor(s). The WLC will be confirming everyone’s grades at the end of the term with your instructor. If you made an error in the pass report quiz, send an email to

Citation Style Guides

Our newly revised citation style guides have been updated and re-organized to make them easier to use. Want to know what an ‘APA’, ‘CMS’, or ‘MLA’ style paper looks like? These sample papers were written by an Alexander College student (we changed the name to protect the author’s identity). It’s the same essay in each example, but the citation style has been changed.

Style Guides

AAA Citation Style Guide
APA Style Guide
CMS Style Guide
MLA Style Guide

Formatting Help

If you need additional assistance in formatting your assignments in any of the different citation styles, try checking out our Software Skills Canvas course.

While the Software Skills course is primarily focused programs, you can also find videos, guides and examples on how to set up your word document in APA, MLA, or CMS citation styles.

Here, you can find the guides, examples, and video links to set up your assignment in one of the three citation styles.

Additional Resources

Purdue OWL MLA Guide
Purdue OWL CMS Guide
Purdue OWL APA Guide

Citations Workshop FAQ

  • I made an error in my Pass Report and it is locked now. What do I do?
    You have only a single attempt to obtain your pass report. If you made an error, send an email to
  • What if I failed all 3 attempts?
    That is ok, if it is before the deadline. Sign up for a Citations Test Review with the Writing & Learning Centre. To book a spot, go to schedule 05. ONLINE Citations Test Review. Please DO NOT book an individual appointment for a review!

    With a small group of other students, you will meet with one of our Humanities specialists to ask questions and go over different citation scenarios. At the end of the session, you will be granted more attempts.

    The WLC (Writing and Learning Centre) can get very, very busy close to the deadline. Be smart and book your appointment early!

  • How will I know if I have passed the Exit Quiz?
    The course is set up to unlock each part once you have passed. If it has not been unlocked – you have not passed!

    You must pass all three parts to pass the Exit Quiz, and passing grades are listed below:

    • 7 out of 9
    • 8 out of 10
    • 9 out of 11
    • 10 out of 12
  • What happens if I missed the deadline or did not manage to pass the Exit Quiz by then?
    If you have missed the deadline, your test will be considered a failure. You will have to speak with your instructor to see if they can make alternate arrangements with you.

    The WLC cannot make exceptions for you and their deadline is firm.

  • What if I already passed the test last term?
    If you have already taken a paper test in previous terms, please speak with your instructor to see if they will accept the results.

    Please note that if you have taken a paper test for APA (American Psychological Association) 6th Edition (before Winter 2020), the results are no longer accepted as APA has been updated to the 7th Edition.

  • A quiz/ module is locked. What does this mean?
    The course is designed for you to go through the material in order. You must begin by viewing the Welcome module, then download a style guide and begin to work through the PPTs and Practice Quizzes.

    The Exit Quizzes will be unlocked once you have followed these steps. You must take the Exit Quizzes in order. Once you have passed one part, the next will unlock.