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Downloadable Templates and Worksheets

Downloadable Templates and Worksheets for University Transfer (UT) Courses

Most UT courses will ask you to write an essay where you are taking a position/making an argument for or against something.

These PDF fill-in documents are designed to help you with the early stages of getting your essays started. Short essays are typically 3-4 pages, extended essays are 5+ pages, not including your References, Works Cited or Bibliography.

Not sure which worksheet is right? The first person to ask is your instructor!

Which style you use will depend on your subject matter and your personal writing style. For help selecting the right style, book an appointment with an Academic Writing and Humanities Specialist.

No matter what style of essay you are writing, remember to cite all your sources. See Citation Style Workshops on Canvas for help.

EAP Downloadable Templates and Worksheets

Downloadable Templates and Worksheets for English for Academic Purposes Courses

These resources were designed with EAP English courses in mind. The PDF fill-in documents can help you with the early stages of getting your essays started. Short essays are typically 3-4 pages, not including your Works Cited.

Before you use any of these PDF fill-in forms, check with your instructor so that you are using the appropriate worksheet.

Citation Workshops

Depending on your subject of study and your instructor’s preference, you will be asked to format and cite your paper in either APA, CMS or MLA citation styles. Your instructor may ask you to take a Citations Workshop.

Citations Workshop

If your instructor requires you to officially pass the APA, MLA or CMS workshop as part of the course, they will usually have the Citations Workshop onto your Canvas Course Page. If not, you can also log in to your Canvas account and self-study at your own pace.

Your instructor will arrange a test for you in-class and will let you know the time and date. Do show up for the test!

What do I need to prepare for the test?

Please do study on your own before taking the test!

You should also pick up a citations style guide from the Writing & Learning Centre, or download it and print it yourself. You need to have your citations style guide with you during the test.

And it goes without saying, you need to have pens/pencils and an eraser!

apa quick style guide book

How do I get a workshop report?

You must have a WLC account so that we can send you an official workshop report. You will receive this report in your email associated with your WLC account. All you need to do is print out or forward the report to your instructor as proof that you have completed the workshop.

If you don’t have an account, it might result in delay.

Do come in and check with us if you don’t receive your report within 2 working days.

What happens if I get a near-pass?

Read the report carefully. It will contain a deadline when you need to come to the WLC to review your test.

You can either book an appointment with any specialist or drop-in. Do come in early, as it gets very busy in the WLC close to the deadline. Please note that you must review your test at the campus where you took the test.

If you missed the deadline, your test will be considered a fail. You will have to speak with your instructor to see if they would accept your near-pass report. We cannot make any exceptions for you.

What happens if I failed or missed the in-class test?

That’s ok. You can log in to your WLC account and book a re-test on schedule 12. Citations Testing before the deadline. Let us know which test you are taking. You can do your retest at either campus. Be sure to sign up as soon as you can, as it can get busy close to the deadline.

citation appointment

It will also be a good idea for you to book an appointment with one of our Writing & Humanities Specialist and ask us any questions that you might have. We won’t be able to show you your test, but we will be able to help you practice.

If you missed the deadline, you will have to speak with your instructor to see if they are willing to make alternate arrangements for you. We cannot make exceptions for you.

What if I’ve already passed the workshop in a previous semester?

If you have already passed the workshop before, check with your instructor if they will accept your report. It is entirely up to their discretion.

If you lost the old report, you can come to the WLC and we can resend it to you.

Citation Style Guides

Our newly revised citation style guides have been updated and re-organized to make them easier to use. Want to know what an ‘APA’, ‘CMS’, or ‘MLA’ style paper looks like? These sample papers were written by an Alexander College student (we changed the name to protect the author’s identity). It’s the same essay in each example, but the citation style has been changed.

APA Citation Style Guide

CMS (Chicago) Citation Style Guides

MLA Citation Style Guides