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Vancouver Campus: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30am-5:00pm

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How Can Academic Advising Help You?

Academic Advising is available for all students at Alexander College.  Advisors assist students with program and course selection and help them develop an education plan that meets specific individual needs. Students are encouraged to plan their academic careers well ahead so that they can transfer to another college or a university with maximum credit and minimal disruption in their studies or graduate from Alexander College within the standard program duration.

Our Advisors can answer questions, provide information and support, and assist students to create and follow a plan of study. For university transfer students, an Advisor can provide assistance with selecting courses that will be transferable to the institution a student plans to attend in the future. For students in the Associate Degree program, an Advisor can explain the program requirements and help with a graduation application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment to speak with an Academic Advisor?

Yes, you do. Although drop-ins are welcome based on availability, it is best to make an appointment ahead of time. By making an appointment, the Academic Advisor can prepare any information or material required to assist you best. Making an appointment allows you to choose the day, time, and location (Burnaby campus or Vancouver campus) that is most convenient for you. Make sure to allow enough time in your schedule for an appointment; on average, an appointment may take from 30 minutes to an hour.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment with an Academic Advisor please create an account at http:/ and book and appointment online.

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What should I bring to my appointment?

Always remember to bring your student ID card. You may also want to bring to bring any relevant documents that you would like the Academic Advisor to see (for example, your transcripts from the institutions you attended prior to Alexander College). Tips to prepare for your appointment with an Academic Advisor can be found here.

How many courses should I take per semester?

There are many things to consider when deciding how many courses you take each semester.

Some things to consider to help you with the decision include: your study status in Canada, how long the semester is, the time frame in which you want to transfer or graduate, your current level of Math and/or English, prerequisites needed, availability of courses, your learning style, extracurricular activities and other non-school related commitments. No one knows you better than yourself; so don’t register in more courses than you can handle!

If you need any assistance, an Academic Advisor can assist you in your decision making process.

How do I know if I should withdraw from a course or not?

If it is past the Add/Drop course date and you are struggling with a course or worried that it will negatively affect your GPA, you have the option of withdrawing from the course if you decide to do that PRIOR to the withdraw deadline. The deadline for withdraw is posted on the bulletin boards on campus and on the Alexander College website. You can also check with the Admissions, Enrolment Advisors or Academic Advisors about the withdraw deadline for the current semester.

Withdrawing from a course is often a difficult decision. Some reasons that students withdraw include academic difficulty or family/personal issues, or health reasons. Choosing to withdraw is a very personal choice and it is highly recommended that you speak with your instructor and see an Academic Advisor prior to making the decision.

Once you have withdrawn from a course, you cannot reverse this decision. (i.e., If you changed your mind and decided you wanted to take the course after all, you would have to enrol in the course in a subsequent semester.)

What does a “W” mean on my transcript?

A grade of “W” for a course indicates that you chose to withdraw from that course. This means that you chose to stop taking this course and therefore did not complete it.  As long as you do this before the withdraw deadline, you will see a “W” on your transcript.  A “W” is better than an “F” as it will not affect your GPA; however, having too many “W”s on your transcript can still affect your chances of being admitted into a competitive program.

I want to transfer to a university in British Columbia for a Bachelor's Degree – what do I need?

Your requirements will depend on the university of your choice, the program of your choice, and your current level of education. Typically, in order to be considered a transfer student needs a MINIMUM of 24 transferable credits (some programs require more) and a satisfied English Language requirement. See an Academic Advisor if you decide to prepare to apply to a university as a transfer student.

I went to another college in British Columbia before Alexander College and I want to transfer my credits. What do I need to know?

If you are working towards an Associate Degree in Alexander College and took or are taking courses at another institution, you can transfer those courses toward your degree.  A maximum of 30 transferable credits (7-10 courses) can be applied towards your Associate Degree. You will be required to fill out a Transfer Request Form along with your official transcript from the institution you attended. If the course is not listed in the BC Transfer Guide, you may have to submit a course outline as well. When courses are transferred, course credit, not a course grade, is assigned. For a course with be considered for transfer, the grade for it cannot be lower than a D.

I want to transfer to a Bachelor's Degree program but I have no idea what I am interested in or what major I should choose. What do I do?

First off, don’t worry! It is completely normal to be unsure about your academic and career life. University is a wonderful time and opportunity to explore yourself and explore your options. Alexander College’s Academic Advisor can assist you with this. Make an appointment with an Academic Advisor and get your questions answered!  Chantelle Hug –, Kim Harbridge, or Maria

Got a question that is not on the list above? Make an appointment with an Academic Advisor and get the question answered!

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