Is medical coverage mandatory?

Yes. Proof of medical insurance coverage is mandatory for all students prior to course registration. All students are expected to maintain valid medical insurance for the duration of their studies.

How can I purchase or renew medical insurance?

The College provides information and assistance by helping students to secure access to provincial healthcare or by connecting students with a suitable insurance provider. Medical insurance information, assistance, and application forms are available to be picked up in the Student Services office at both campuses.

How much does medical insurance cost? Are there any options?

Effective January 1, 2014, monthly rates are $69.25 for one person for the Medical Services Plan of BC. The cost of private medical insurance can be viewed online at

I am an international student with questions about my study permit. Who can help me?

Detailed instructions for obtaining an initial study permit can be found online at

Detailed instructions for renewing an existing study permit can be found online at

Is the New Student Orientation mandatory? Where can I find the details about this event?

Alexander College Student Orientation is mandatory for all new students to Alexander College. Student Orientation will help you with your transition and getting used to a different lifestyle. You will be sent an email with details and you can also find more details at:

I am having difficulty in my classes. Is there someone that can help me?

Alexander College is pleased to offer a variety of resources, services and support to help students succeed during their time here. For more information, please visit the Writing and Learning Centre.

Sometimes I feel sad, lonely, or have trouble dealing with stress. Is there someone that I can talk to?

Yes, Alexander College students are eligible for up to 10 free, on-site, Health and Wellness Counseling sessions each academic year. These sessions are designed to provide students with a safe, supportive, and confidential space in which to discuss issues that may be causing distress and personal struggle. Some examples of common issues that are discussed with a Health and Wellness Counselor include anxiety, depression, relationships, stress, loneliness, substance misuse, or adjustment to new surroundings. To make an appointment please email Kerry Anne Holloway at