FILM 101  Appreciation:  World Cinema (3)

This course examines selected historical and aesthetic developments in world cinema, with an emphasis placed on learning how to appreciate the medium of film.  Students will become familiar with and learn to critique various directorial styles and film genres. The cultural, artistic and political contexts of national cinematic movements will also be examined. A series of foreign and North American feature and documentary films and clips will be screened during class.

Prerequisite: ENGL 098
Transfers to: UBC FIST 100 (3), SFU GE 1XX (3), UVic AHVS 100 Lev (1.5), TRU FILM 1XX0 (3).


Meet Leigh Badgley, our Film Studies instructor



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Allard Prize for International Integrity 2015 Finalists:

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Instructor Leigh Badgley travels the world making and studying film.

Camerman Matt Miles in Jakarta-source Leigh

Jakarta: Cameraman Matt Miles filming a journalist at a press conference

Commissioner of the Corruption Eradication Commission- Jakarta-Indonesia

Leigh interviews the Commissioner of the Corruption Eradication Commission, Jakarta, Indonesia

Interview with corruption fighter

Interview with anti-corruption fighter

Interview with the Governor of Jakarta

Interview with the Governor of Jakarta about corruption in his country.