UPRE 099- University Preparation (0 credits)

This program has been designed for eligible students on Suspension. It is a ten week course that will empower students to have a successful post-secondary experience. It is our intention, through this program, to influence students’ attitudes and study behaviours and ultimately create a more positive and rewarding academic experience for struggling students. Our goal is to help students get back on track so that they can return to their studies armed with the skills needed to be confident, well-adjusted, and successful students.

Skills include aptitude and interest exploration, learning styles, time management and organization, reading, note-taking, listening, study skills, memory, test-taking, public speaking, grammar, information literacy and research, financial, and health and wellness skills.

While taking UPRE 099, students will be able to take one (1) academic course they had previously failed (or achieved a grade of C- or lower), as a means of encouraging students to directly apply what they are learning in UPRE. Students who receive 60% in this course will be taken off Academic Suspension and may return to regular full-time academic/EAP studies.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL 097

Transfers to: N/A