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As we plan for the Fall 2021 term, Alexander College is closely following the Provincial Health Officer’s guidelines, and the new return-to-campus primer document, with guidelines for post-secondary about returning to campus. We look forward to welcoming staff, faculty and students back on campus for the Fall term.

Classes for Fall 2021 are to be offered in three formats:


Students in these courses alternate between on-campus and virtual attendance (Zoom) at regularly scheduled days and times. On the schedule, these courses have both an on-campus classroom time and a virtual Zoom time. Students register in one of two groups. The group number determines the days of on-campus and virtual attendance.

Important registration notices:

  1. Students who are planning to study from outside of Canada may not register for blended courses. If a student registers for a blended course and cannot attend class in-person, the student is responsible to swap to a virtual or online course, or drop the course, before the start of term. The College may drop the blended course seat if the student is not in Canada as of the day before classes begin.
  2. All blended delivery courses will be held virtually (via Zoom) during week 1 of term.


Students in these courses attend via Zoom at regularly scheduled days and times. These courses are indicated by the word “virtual” only. No on-campus classroom is listed.


These are fully online courses with no set weekly attendance times. No on-campus classroom times or virtual times are listed. Students follow assigned readings and participate in online discussion forums. For more information about online learning, please visit:

Learn about how to interpret the Fall 2021 schedule:

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