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Using the University Transfer Program, students are able to explore their interests through first- and second-year university courses that may be transferred to a college or university in the second or third program year.

Bachelor's Degrees
Typically four years in duration, and are offered by all major public and private universities in Canada. These universities use a credit-based system, with majors (specializations) and degree programs requiring completion of a set number of course credits. A standard Bachelor’s degree program requires the completion of 120 credits in total.

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What is the University Transfer Program in Canada?

Our Associate of Arts Degree and Associate of Science concentrations:

Program Description

Our University Transfer Program

To gain admission to a university, transfer students have to fulfill that university’s admission requirements. In addition, students may need to fulfill program requirements for admission to certain faculties, departments, or schools.

BCCAT System
Alexander College offers a wide range of first- and second-year university courses that are transferable within the BCCAT system and beyond.

In British Columbia, the majority of accredited public and private colleges and universities allow students to transfer their post-secondary credits toward a Bachelor’s degree program of their choice within the British Columbia Council for Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT) system.

Sample Planning Guides for UBC and SFU (PDF)

Individually Crafted for You

University transfer study plans are created by Academic Advisors for each transfer student individually to reflect the student’s English level, high school prerequisites, and, more importantly, the intended university and program for their degree.

Therefore, even though standard transfer plans can be made, students should meet with an Academic Advisor at least once to have the standard plan amended to reflect their academic history.

Academic Advising Services

Additionally, universities may change their admissions requirements for transfer students without further notice, and this may not be reflected in the standard study plans in a timely manner.

When a student meets with an Academic Advisor to create their study plan, it is guaranteed to be up-to-date.

For help with your university transfer application and program requirements please contact our Academic Advising team.

University Transfer in Canada Video

Academic Advising

To assist students in choosing courses that will allow them to successfully transfer to the university, Alexander College offers Academic Advising Services to all its students.

Academic Advisors help students understand university and faculty admission requirements and create a study plan that would put them on a path of fulfilling a Bachelor’s degree program requirements.

Depending on each student’s unique situation, Academic Advisors assist students in assessing their prerequisites and previous college coursework in order to develop a plan for a smooth transition to a university of their choice.

For more information and to create a personalized study plan, please make an appointment with an Academic Advisor:

Download Admission Success Stories (PDF)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top 6 questions about this program!

  • I want to transfer to a BC university for a four-year degree. What do I need?

    Your requirements will depend on the university of your choice, the program you are interested in, and your current level of education. Typically, in order to be considered a transfer student, you will need a minimum of 24 transferable credits (some programs require more) and you must satisfy the university’s English Language Requirement.

    An Academic Advisor can assist you with determining the requirements for the specific university and program you are interested in.

  • What is the difference between an Associate Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree?

    An Associate Degree is a two-year academic program that requires a student to complete 60 credits (approximately 20 courses) in order to graduate.

    The coursework offered in a variety of subject areas but focuses on courses in Arts, Science, or Business. The program has no specialization or major.

    A Bachelor’s Degree is a four-year academic program that requires a student to complete 120 credits. In addition to a focus on Arts, Science, or Business, students choose their specialization within it.

    The examples of specializations include such subject areas as History, Psychology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and many more.

  • If I graduate with an Associate Degree from Alexander College, can I transfer all 60 credits to a university and get my Bachelor’s Degree after completing 60 more credits?

    Some universities in British Columbia accept all 60 credits from an Associate Degree (provided that the student graduated from the program). This, however, may not guarantee that a student will only need to finish 60 more credits to get their Bachelor’s Degree.

    There may be some first- and second-year courses that are required for a Bachelor’s degree and were not offered in the Associate Degree program. In this case, the total number of credits the student will end up completing will be more than 120.

    At the same time, this depends on the university and the major to which the student is transferring. Please make an appointment with an Academic Advisor to find out the specifics of university transfer after completing an Associate Degree.

  • I want to transfer to a university in Canada but outside of British Columbia. How does this work?

    The BC Transfer Guide lists only the courses that transfer between colleges and universities located within the Province of British Columbia (including Athabasca University and Yukon College). If you want to apply to a university outside of BC, you will need to apply to the university first and submit your official transcripts.

    You can apply for transfer credit if you are accepted. The university will review your transcript and let you know what credits they accept.

  • I want to transfer to a university outside of Canada. How does this work?

    If you want to apply to a university outside of Canada, you will need to apply to the university first and submit your official transcripts. If you are accepted, then you can apply for transfer credit.

    The university will review your transcript and let you know what credits they accept. The university may request additional information about the courses you completed.

  • I went to another college in BC before coming to Alexander College. After Alexander College, I will be transferring to a university. How do I transfer all the credits?

    When transferring to a university, you will need to submit transcripts from that other college and from Alexander College for the university will assess both transcripts. There is no need to transfer the courses from your first college to Alexander College.

    This is only required if you are getting a degree from Alexander College and not transferring to a university.

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