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English & EAP

The iconography of Malcolm X. University Press of Kansas.

Abernethy, G. (2013).

Nature of the gothic(s)

The urban aesthetics of Ruskin and Engels. The Eighth Lamp: Ruskin Studies Today, 7, 68-86. Peck, G. (2012).

Realism and Victorian astronomy

The character and limits of critique in Thomas Hardy’s two on a tower. Pacific Coast Philogy, 46, 28-45.Peck, G. (2011).


Film Studies

The desert of the real

fictional Middle Eastern countries in American media. Master’s thesis, University of British Columbia. Christensen, A. (2022).

The rumble of nostalgia

Francis Ford Coppola’s vision of boyhood. Boyhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 9(1), 6-21. Lewis, M. (2016).

Michael Haneke

In Oxford Bibliographies in Cinema and Media Studies. Ed. Krin Gabbard. New York: Oxford University Press. Coulthard, L., Stringer, M. (2023).

Binging on Netflix or philosophizing? Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Lewis, M. (2015, November 19)


English-Canadian social science, humanities, and law academic secondments during the Second World War and their contributions to Canadian external affairs.

International Journal of Canadian Studies, 56, 81-114. Hyland, Chris J. (2017).

Student life on the University of Alberta campus during the First World War.

In J. Keshen & A. Davies (Eds.), The frontier of patriotism (pp. 415-432). Calgary University Press. Hyland, C.J. & Stortz, P. (2016).

The Canadian Corps’ long march

Logistics, discipline and the occupation of the Rhineland. Canadian Military History, 21(2), 5-20. Hyland, C.J. (2012).

Fighter, worker, and family man: German-Jewish men and their gendered experiences in Nazi Germany, 1933-1941.

University of Toronto Press. Huebel, S. (2021).

Nazi KZs as gendered Jewish spaces? German-Jewish masculinity and the negotiation of gender practices in prewar Nazi concentration camps.

Jewish Culture and History, 21(1), 24-41. Huebel, S. (2020).

Conceptualizing gender and fear: German-Jewish masculinities in the Third Reich and the dread of the Unknown.

Fear in the German-speaking world, 1600-2000, 165-194. Huebel, S. (2020).

Disguise and defiance: German-Jewish men and their ‘underground’ experiences in Nazi Germany, 1941-1945.

Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies, 36(3), 110-142. Huebel, S. (2018).

Science & Math


Klebsiella pneumoniae redistributes katanin severing proteins and alters astral microtubules during mitosis.

The Anatomical Record, 303(7), 1859-1864. Chua, M.D., Bogdan, A.C., & Guttman, J.A. (2020).

Klebsiella pneumoniae disassembles host microtubules in lung epithelial cells.

Cellular Microbiology,21(3), e12977. Chua, M.D., Liou, C.H., Bogdan, A.C., Law, H.T., Yeh, K.M., Lin, J.C., Siu, L.K., & Guttman, J.A. (2019).

Calponins are recruited to actin-rich structures generated by pathogenic E. coli, listeria and salmonella.

The Anatomical Record, 301(12), 2103-2111. Chua, M.D., Walker, B.D., Jin, J.P., & Guttman, J. (2018).

Hsc70 is a component of bacterially generated actin-rich structures; an immunolocalization study.

The Anatomical Record, 301(12), 2095-2102. Walker, B.D., Chua, M.D., & Guttman, J. (2018).

SM22 is required for the maintenance of actin-rich structures generated during bacterial infections.

Experimental Cell Research, 369(1), 139-146. Chua, M.D., Hipolito, K.J., Singerr, O.B., Solway, J., & Guttman, J. (2018).

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics identification of enteropathogenic E. coli pedestal constituents.

Journal of Proteome Research, 14(6), 2520-2527. Law, H.T., Chua, M., Moon, K.M., Foster, L.J., & Guttman, J.A. (2015).

Examination of in vitro epithelial cell lines as models for francisella tularensis non-phagocytic infections.

Journal of Microbiological Methods, 93(2), 153-160. Lo, K.Y., Chua, M.D., Abdulla, S., Law, H.T., & Guttman, J.A. (2013).


Chemically and thermally stable, emissive carbon dots as viable alternatives to semiconductor quantum dots for emissive nematic liquid crystal–nanoparticle mixtures with lower threshold voltage.

Liquid Crystal, 43(2), 184-194. Urbanski, M., Mirzaei, J., Sharma, A., Hofmann, D., Kitzerow, H.S., & Hegmann, T. (2015).

Electrooptic and dielectric properties of a ferroelectric liquid crystal doped with chemically and thermally stable, emissive carbon dots.

RSC Advances, 43, 34491-34496. Shukla, R.K., Mirzaei, J., Sharma, A., Hofmann, D., Hegmann, T., & Haase, W. (2015).

Synthesis of liquid crystal silane functionalized gold nanoparticles and their effects on optical and electro-optic properties of a structurally related nematic liquid crystal.

ChemPhysChem, 15(7), 1381-1394. Mirzaei, J., Urbanski, M., Kitzerow, H.S., & Hegmann, T. (2014).

Nanoparticle doping in nematic liquid crystals: distinction between surface and bulk effects by numerical simulations.

ChemPhysChem, 15(7), 1395-1404. Urbanski, M., Mirzaei, J., Hegmann, T., Kitzerow, H.S. (2014).

Dispersions of functionalized gold nanoparticles in nematic liquid crystals.

German Conference on Liquid Crystals, P9, 105-109. Urbanski, M., Mirzaei, J., Hegmann, T., & Kitzerow, H.S. (2014).

Hydrophobic gold nanoparticles via silane conjugation

Chemically and thermally robust nanoparticles as dopants for nematic liquid crystals. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 371(1988), 20120256.Mirzaei, J., Urbanski, M., Kitzerow, H.S., & Hegmann, T. (2013).

Quantum dots as liquid crystal dopants.

Journal of Materials Chemistry, 42, 22350-22365. Mirzaei, J., Reznikov, M., & Hegmann, T. (2012).

Nanoparticles in liquid crystals and liquid crystalline nanoparticles.

Liquid Crystals, Topics in Current Chemistry Series, 318, 331-393. Stamatoiu, O., Mirzaei, J., Feng, X., & Hegmann, T. (2012).

Composites of gold nanoparticles and magic-sized quantum dots in nematic liquid crystal.

Proc. ICMEE. Mirzaei, J., Urbanski, M., Yu, K., Kitzerow, H.S., & Hegmann, T. (2012).

New developments in nanoparticle-liquid crystal composites.

From magic-sized semiconductor nanoclusters to alignment pattern formation via nanoparticle stenciling. SPIE Digital Library, 8279, 827983.Mirzaei, J., Sawatzky, R., Sharma, A., Urbanski, M., Yu, K., Kitzerow, H.S., & Hegmann, T. Proc. (2012).

Nanoparticles: Complex and multifaceted additives for liquid crystals.

Liquid Crystals, 38(11-12), 1495-1514. Shivakumar, U., Mirzaei, J., Feng, X., Sharma, A., Moreira, P., & Hegmann, T. (2011).

Nanocomposites of a nematic liquid crystal doped with magic-sized CdSe quantum dots.

Journal of Materials Chemistry, 34, 12710-12716. Mirzaei, J., Urbanski, M., Yu, K., Kitzerow, H.S., & Hegmann, T. (2011).

Convenient syntheses of 5-[(2-methyl-5-nitro-1H-imidazol-1-yl) methyl] -1,3,4-oxadiazole- 2 (3H)thione and N-substituted 2-amino-5-[(2-methyl-5-nitro-1H-imidazol-1-yl)methyl] -1,3,4- thiadiazoles.

Journal of Heterocylic Chemistry, 45(3), 921-925. Mirzaei, J., Amini, M., Pirelahi, H., & Shafiee, A. (2008).

Synthesis and in vitro anti-helicobacter pylori activity of N-[5-(5-nitro-2-heteroaryl)-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl] thiomorpholines and relate compounds.

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 43(8), 1575-1580. Mirzaei, J., Siavoshi, F., Emami, S., Safari, F., Khoshayand, M.R., Shafiee, A., & Foroumadi, A. (2008).

Synthesis and antibacterial activity of nitroaryl thiadiazole-levofloxacin hybrids.

Archiv der Pharmazie, 339(11), 621-624 Foroumadi, S., Mansouri, S., Emami, J., Mirzaei., M., Sorkhi, N., Saeid-Adeli, N., & Shafiee, A. (2006).


Social Sciences


Ethno-cultural organizations in changing social landscapes.

A case study of Portuguese organizations in Toronto.Canadian Ethnic Studies. 55(1), 47-79. Vieira, S. & Teixeira, J. C. (2023).

CAG 2023: 73rd annual meeting & conference. Anthropocene: Challenges for geography and geographers. Transitioning social landscapes: A case study of Portuguese ethno-cultural organizations in Toronto.

Université du Québec à Montréal. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. May 8-12. Vieira, S. & Teixeira, J.C. (2023).


Chronic alterations in behavior and neuronal morphology associated with methylphenidate treatment during development in rats.

Psychology & Neuroscience, 13(3), 424-437. Comeau, W., & Kolb, B. (2020).

Prenatal alcohol Exposure and pair feeding differentially impact puberty and reproductive development in female rats: Role of the Kisspeptin system. Alcoholism.

Clinical and Experimental Research, 40(11), 2368-2376. Sliwowska, J.H., Comeau, W., Bodnar, T., Ellis, L., & Weinberg, J. (2016).

The Effects of alcohol exposure on fetal development.

In N. Reissland & B. S. Kisilevsky (Eds.), Fetal Development (pp. 331-364). Springer International Publishing. Dobson, C., Holman, P., & Comeau, W.L. (2016).

Prenatal alcohol exposure and adolescent stress produce increased sensitivity to stress and gonadal hormone influences on cognition in adult female rats.

Physiology & Behavior, 148(1), 157-165. Comeau, W.L., Lee, K., & Weinberg, J. (2015).

Prenatal alcohol exposure alters the developmental methylation profile of the rat hypothalamus.

International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience, 47(A) 109. Lussier, A., Comeau, W., Bodnar, T., Mingay, M., Hirst, M., Kobor, M., & Weinberg, J. (2015).

Amphetamine sensitization and cross-sensitization with acute restraint stress.

Impact of prenatal alcohol exposure in male and female rats. Psychopharmacology, 232, 1705-1716. Uban, K., Comeau, W., Bodnar, T., Yu, W., Galea, L.A., & Weinberg, J. (2014).

Prenatal alcohol exposure and adolescent stress.

Unmasking persistent attentional deficits in rats. European Journal of Neuroscience, 40(7), 3078-3095. Comeau, W.L., Winstanley, C.A., & Weinberg, J. (2014).

Prenatal alcohol exposure and adolescent adversity.

Long-lasting effects on cognition and drug response. Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, 36. Comeau, W.L., Winstanley,C.A., & Weinberg, J. (2012)

Learning-induced alterations in prefrontal cortical circuitry.

Behavioural Brain Research, 214(1), 91-101. Comeau, W., McDonald, R., & Kolb, B. (2010).

Psychometric properties of the English and Filipino version of the inventory of attitudes towards seeking mental health services.

Asia Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 9(2), 21-39. Tuliao, P., Hechanova, M.R., & Velasquez, P. (2018).

Reapproaching Rogers.

A discursive examination of client-centered therapy. Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies, 17(3), 253-269. Velasquez, P., & Montiel, C. (2018).

Online counselling among Filipinos.

Do Internet-related variables matter? Asia Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 8(1), 53-65.Tuliao, A. P., & Velasquez, P. A. (2017).

Intent to seek counseling among Filipinos.

Examining loss of face and gender. The Counseling Psychologist, 44(3), 353-382.Tuliao, A. P., Velasquez, P. A., Bello, A. M., & Pinson, M. J. (2016).

Revisiting the general help seeking questionnaire.

Adaptation, exploratory factor analysis, and further validation in a Filipino college student sample. Philippine Journal of Psychology, 47(1), 1-17. Tuliao, A., & Velasquez, P. (2014).

From “vital addition” to fatal distraction.

In D. Gosse (Ed.), About face: Essays on addiction, recovery, therapies, and controversies (pp. 214-237). Breakwater Books. Wong, B. (2019).

The focal attention window size explains letter substitution errors in reading.

Brain Sciences, 11, 247., Daini R, Primativo S, Albonico A, Veronelli L, Malaspina M, Corbo M, Martelli M, Arduino LS (2021).

Alternating dual-task interference between visual words and faces.

Brain Research, 1746: 147004. Furubacke A, Albonico A, Barton JJS (2020).

Search for face identity or expression.

Set-size effects in developmental prosopagnosia. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 1-17. Djouab S, Albonico A, Yeung SC, Malaspina M, Mogard A, Wahlberg R, Corrow SL, Barton JJS (2020).

The face-number effect: A new test of face discrimination.

Vision Research, 162, 8-19. Hemstrom J, Albonico A, Barton JJS (2019).

Progress in perceptual research.

The case of prosopagnosia. F1000 Faculty Reviews, 8. Albonico A, Barton JJS (2019).

Object recognition in acquired and developmental prosopagnosia.

Cognitive Neuropsychology, 1-31. Barton JJS, Albonico A, Susilo T, Duchaine B, Corrow SL (2019).

Self-face and self-body advantages in congenital prosopagnosia.

Evidence for a common mechanism. Experimental Brain Research, 237(3), 673-686. Malaspina M, Albonico A, Daini R (2019).

Perceptual efficiency and the inversion effect for faces, words and houses.

Vision Research, 153, 91-97. Albonico A, Furubacke A, Barton JJS, Oruc I (2018).

Mapping self-face recognition strategies in congenital prosopagnosia.

Neuropsychology, 32(2): 123-137. Malaspina M, Albonico A, Lao J, Caldara R, Daini R (2018).

Focusing and orienting spatial attention differently modulate crowding in central and peripheral vision. Journal of Vision, 18(3): 4.

Albonico A, Martelli M, Bricolo E, Frasson E, Daini R (2018).

Diagnosing prosopagnosia.

The utility of visual noise in the Cambridge face recognition test. Perception, 46(3): 030100661775004. Corrow SL, Albonico A, Barton JJS (2018).

Italian normative data and validation of two neuropsychological tests of face recognition.

Benton facial recognition test and Cambridge face memory test. Neurological Sciences, 38(9), 1637-1643. Albonico A, Malaspina M, Daini R (2017).

Face perception in pure alexia.

Complementary contributions of the left fusiform gyrus to facial identity and facial speech processing. Cortex, 96: 59-72. Albonico A, Barton JJS (2017).

Target type modulates the effect of task demand on focal attention.

Vision, 1(2): 13. Albonico A, Malaspina M, Daini R (2017).

What do eye movements tell us about the visual perception of individuals with congenital prosopagnosia?

Neuropsychology, 31(5), 546. Malaspina M, Albonico A, Toneatto C, Daini R (2017).

Do people have insight into their face recognition abilities?

Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 1-16. Palermo R, Rossion B, Rhodes G, Laguesse R, Tez T, Hall B, Albonico A, Malaspina M, Daini R, Irons J, Al-Janabi S, Taylor E, Rivolta D, McKone E (2016).

Right perceptual bias and self-face recognition in individuals with congenital prosopagnosia.

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Temporal dissociation between the focal and orientation component of spatial attention in central and peripheral vision.

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Something in the way people move: The benefit of facial movements in face identification.

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Processing of emotional and non-emotional facial expression in individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome and high-functioning autism.

Giornale Italiano di Psicologia, 41(3): 573-590. Malaspina M, Albonico A, Daini R, Ricciardelli P (2014).

Dissociation in optokinetic stimulation sensitivity between omission and substitution reading errors in neglect dyslexia.

Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 7: 1-10. Daini R, Albonico A, Malaspina M, Martelli M, Primativo S, Arduino LS (2013).

Blended learning for teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Teaching in the post COVID-19 era.

World education dilemmas, teaching innovations and solutions in the age of crisis. Springer. Mazzucato, L., Babaee, N., Kazemi, A., Daeizadeh, Z., Kaur, N., Sode, O. (2022).


Similarities between urban and rural social enterprises, and the importance of social enterprises for marginalized youth.

Rural Policy Learning Commons (RPLC) Webinar Series, Rural Development Institute (RDI) and Brandon University. Simpson, L. & Hall, P. (November 26, 2020).

Balancing consistency and flexibility: Difficulties and successes in conducting a cross-Country Longitudinal Study with Youth Participants in Training Programs at Social Enterprises.

Lightning Round panel: Social enterprises, social entrepreneurship, & Social Innovation at the 13th annual conference of the Association for Non-profit and Social Economy Research (ANSER-ARES). Simpson, L. & Luk, A. (June 3, 2020).

Mid-term findings of the work-integration social enterprises longitudinal evaluation study with at-risk youth in Vancouver, British Columbia .

Lightning Round Panel: Social Enterprises, Social Entrepreneurship, & Social Innovation at the 13th annual conference of the Association for Non-profit and Social Economy Research (ANSER-ARES). Simpson, L. & Hall, P. (June 3, 2020).

Fostering student fragility: Sanctioning stress relief practices in post-secondary environments.

Higher Education – Counternarratives and the politics of diversity, policy, and Studenthoods at Changing Climates AAA/CASCA Joint Meeting, Vancouver, B.C. Simpson, L. (November 20, 2019).

Youth outcomes in Work integration social enterprises: BC & ON. Non-profits and the Social Economy: Circles of Conversation at the 12th annual conference of the Association for Non-profit and Social Economy Research (ANSER-ARES), Vancouver, B.C.

Simpson, L. & Hall, P. (June 6, 2019).

Collecting student subjectivities and imag(e)ning studenthood: A unique application of Photovoice.

University of Calgary’s graduate conference, Re/Collections: Free Exchange Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference, Calgary, A.B Simpson, L. (March 10, 2018).

Examining the drivers that create the disconnection between student culture and post-secondary institutional understandings.

Dalhousie Arts & Social Sciences Conference, Halifax, N.S. Simpson, L. (March 12, 2016).

“I Can understand where they’re coming from”: How clinicians’ disability experiences shape their interaction with clients.

Qualitative Health Research, 30(13), 2064-2076. Battalova, A., Bulk, L., Nimmon, L., Hole, R., Krupa, T., Mayer, Y., & Jarus, T. (2020).

Ambivalent subjectivities: experiences of mothers with disabilities in Russia.

Disability & Society, 34(6), 904-925. Battalova, A. (2019).

Negotiation of care practices by mothers with disabilities in Russia.

International Journal of Care and Caring, 3(4), 549-565. Battalova, A. (2019).

Feminist disability studies.

In T. Heller, S. Parker Harris, C. Gill, & R. Gould (Eds.), Disability in American life: An encyclopedia of concepts, policies, and controversies (pp. 282-285). ABC-CLIO. Battalova, A. (2019).

Interrupted trajectory: The experiences of disability and homeschooling in post-Soviet Russia.

In Silova, I., Millei, Z. & Piattoeva, N. (Eds.), Childhood and schooling in (Post) Socialist societies: Memories and experiences (pp. 163-182). Palgrave MacMillan. Battalova, A. (2017).

Love’s Refraction; Jealousy and compersion in queer women’s polyamorous relationships.

University of Toronto Press. Deri, J. (2015).

Doing pain “right:” The pleasures of pain in aerial dance.

In L. F. K. (Ed.), Dimensions of pain: Humanities and social science perspectives (pp. 94-106). Routledge. Deri, J., & Mendes, W. (2012).

Polyamory or polyagony? Jealousy in open relationships. In D. S., K. W. & A. H. (Eds.), Emotions matter: A relational approach to emotions (pp.223-239).

University of Toronto Press. Deri, J. (2012).

Practicing peace: The Okinawan international martial arts community as a community of practice.

The IAFOR Academic Review, 1(5), 3-7. May, S. (2015).

Theoretical perspectives and preliminary results on the feasibility of using Uchinaaguchi in Okinawan karate and kobudo classes.

International Review of Ryukyuan and Okinawan Studies ,3, 27-49. May, S. (2014).

Uchinaaguchi language reclamation in the martial arts community in Okinawa and abroad .

[Doctoral dissertation, University of the Ryukyus, Nishihara]. University of the Ryukyus Repository, May, S. (2015).

Staff Publications

Transferrable skills for life: TED-style insights and panel on significant learning.

In 2023: PDGIA conference proceedings – Key themes in higher education. PDGIA Journal of Higher Education. Dean’s Office. Roe, S.(2023).

Word of mouth: Oral assessment in the post-pandemic era.

Private Degree Granting Institutions Association Virtual Conference 2021. Dean’s Office. Roe, S., Cheung, K., & bat Joseph, L. (2021).

Academic Writing: The Complete Guide.

3rd Edition. Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press. Dean’s Office.Roe, S., den Ouden, P. (2018).

The digitization of course archives workflows at Alexander College Library.

BCLA Perspectives, (1). Library. Campos, R., Lindsay, C., & Haley, J. (2021).

Open education resources at Alexander College: Adopting for Accessibility.

Private Degree Granting Institutions Association Virtual Conference 2021. Library. Lindsay, C., & Haley, J. (2021).

Appreciating diversity: TLs supporting ELLs. In J. Branch-Mueller (Ed.), Becoming and being: Reflections on teacher-librarianship (pp.162-172).

University of Alberta. Writing & Learning Centre. CIwasaki, I. (2018).

Alexander College acknowledges that the land on which we usually gather is the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples, including the territories of the xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work in this territory.

Alexander College acknowledges that the land on which we usually gather is the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples, including the territories of the xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work in this territory.

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