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Discover AC 101 – Your Guide to Alexander College

Written by Alexander College in Student Services on August 24, 2020

Last Updated: February 16, 2022

The AC 101 Final Quiz will now be available for a limited time in MyAC. ALL students are recommended to complete the AC 101- Final Quiz by May 31, 2022 to receive the +1 bonus participation mark. Once a student’s first Midterm Reporting grade is submitted, the AC 101 Final Quiz will disappear from the MyAC Current Course screen.”

This course is accessible on the Alexander College Website.

In the Student Engagement team, we know a lot has changed since Alexander College has moved back to in-person. For all of us, this has been a period of extreme transition with an abundance of new information about our health, how we can safely interact with each other, and how we can continue to provide the best educational experience possible.

At Alexander College, we wanted to make it a little easier to find the information you need. That’s why we developed AC 101, an online course that provides an easy-to-understand introduction to the different student resources, departments, and expectations at Alexander College.

What is AC 101?

Available on the Alexander College website, AC 101 is an online course designed for both new and returning students. In AC 101, students can discover ways to prepare for their first term, explore strategies for distance learning, learn how to stay connected with virtual events and activities, correctly identify who to contact for academic and emotional support services, and find more information on student-specific concerns.

Student Orientation at Alexander College
Games during Student orientation at Alexander College

AC 101 and Returning Students

For returning students, please take some time to review each of the following AC 101 sections, which will now connect you to various answers and resources directly on the Alexander College website. From questions about online exams to video tutorials on how to order transcripts, AC 101 is your student resource to Alexander College.

Where can I access AC 101?

New and returning students can access here AC 101.

All new students will first receive the link to AC 101 as part of the Welcome Package (located at the end of the document) and subsequent welcome emails from Student Engagement.

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Students talking about school programs

Why Should I Complete AC 101?

While there are many reasons to complete AC 101, some of the most notable benefits

  • Automatically receive a bonus mark upon successful completion of the final quiz*
  • Introduces important departments, resources, and services offered at AC
  • Answers many of the Frequently Asked Questions from new students
  • Helps students identify the different services offered at the institution and how to connect with the appropriate department
  • Outlines the expectations for students for topics such as online exams, plagiarism, and citations
  • Identifies ways for students to get involved in campus culture, virtual events, and student-led clubs

*All students who pass the AC 101 Final Quiz are automatically eligible for a bonus mark in each of their classes.

How to Take the Final Quiz

The AC 101 Final Quiz will now be available for a limited time in MyAC. ALL students are recommended to complete the AC 101- Final Quiz by May 31, 2022 to receive the +1 bonus participation mark. Once a student’s first Midterm Reporting grade is submitted, the AC 101 Final Quiz will disappear from the MyAC Current Course screen.”

Go to Final Quiz

The AC 101 Final Quiz will be available in the MyAC Student portal. To access the AC 101 Final Quiz, please login to your MyAC account and select “My Courses”. Students should see AC 101 – Final Quiz appear in their current courses. Click the start quiz button to attempt the final quiz. Students have an unlimited number of attempts.

AC 101 myAC Portal

Once you have successfully passed the quiz, this will automatically be noted in your MyAC account and your passing grade will appear. Each of your instructors will automatically be notified that you have passed the AC 101 Final Quiz and will assign your bonus participation mark.

AC 101 myAC Portal

Please note, if you have previously attempted the quiz prior to the MyAC integration, please re-take the AC 101 final quiz in MyAC. Student are no longer required to forward the confirmation email to instructors.

Student Services at Alexander College
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Tips for completing AC 101

Break it up into Sections
AC 101 contains a lot of important information students should be familiar with. However, it can be a lot to review in one sitting. We recommend breaking up AC 101 into a few different sessions, taking the time to explore the different departments, additional content, and watch our interactive tutorials!

For example, students may wish to break it up into the following schedule.

Day 1: Review the Welcome Package & Your First Term
In this section, students can review the basics, such as logging in to the MyAC student portal, reviewing important information about tuition payments and fees, and locating the textbooks they will need for their courses. While much of the information is covered in the new students’ Welcome Package, please do take some time to review the links.
Current students may choose to skip the welcome package content should they feel confident in their knowledge.

Day 2: Office of Student Affairs
Get to know the variety of academic services, social programs, and health and wellness initiatives in the Office of Student Affairs section.
Hint: Being able to distinguish between these two departments and the different services they provide, may be useful to review before taking the AC 101 final quiz.

Day 3: Office of the Registrar
The Office of the Registrar serves as the administrative hub for students throughout their academic journey. In this section, discover the different services and support the Office of the Registrar provides for students.

Don’t forget to watch the “How to Order an Official Transcript” video tutorial! Additional how-to tutorials can also be found in MyAC.

Day 4: Participating in Campus Culture, Volunteering & On-Campus Work Opportunities
Did you know AC offers a variety of campus events and opportunities to gain valuable experience? In these sections, students discover the different ways to get involved in campus life online, where to find upcoming events, and how to sign-up for online volunteer and student work opportunities.

International Student in Vancouver
Happy Students at Alexander College

Review the Sections in Order

AC 101 is divided into nine sections, designed to be completed in the order displayed (left to right, top to bottom) except for “Contact Us”. The sections were designed to build on each other, so by the end of the course, students feel confident about starting the term, know which department to contact if they have questions, and are aware of the support services available.

Take the Practice Quizzes
When you have completed a section, you can test your knowledge with a practice quiz. The practice quizzes are available for the Your First Term, Office of Student Affairs, and Office of the Registrar sections.

It’s recommended for all new and returning students to review AC 101 and complete the final quiz by the end of week two.

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Student Studying inside the library reading a book

Questions about AC 101

Didn’t receive a confirmation email? Who can I contact for support?

If you have any questions about AC 101 or do not see the AC 101- Final Quiz course in your MyAC account, please contact Student Engagement by email

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