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Advice from Recruiters and Representatives | 2023 Job Fair Digest

Written by Alexander College in Event on June 12, 2023

We had a huge turnout at our recent Alexander College Job Fair and we couldn’t be happier seeing our students connecting with all the companies that were present.

With prominent companies like Cactus Club and London Drugs present, the Web and Social Media team decided to use this valuable opportunity to interview some of the recruiters and representatives. Here is a roundup of their answers:

1. What do you look for in an ideal candidate?

When asked what they look for in a candidate, it’s no surprise that many of them placed an emphasis on the willingness to grow and learn.

The recruiter for Guardteck Security and Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) comments that sometimes the willingness to learn is more important than having previous experience because of the potential to grow within the company.

Some companies, such as BCAA, value internal promotion so being open to learning new things is a welcome trait to have.

With those in the hospitality sector like Denny’s, having a good attitude is also very important. Customers want to feel welcomed, after all!

Amazon recruiter

2. What advice would you give to a prospective candidate?

While customizing your resume and cover letter for each and every job you apply to seems like a daunting task and some may be tempted to create a general resume and cover letter, but the recruiter at PICS recommends tailoring your resume and cover letter to the job. In addition, the recruiter also recommends following up with your application just to show proactiveness.

The recruiter for Denny’s advises applicants to think about whether or not their personal goals align with the company’s goals. After all, being happy with your job plays an important role in growing within the company.

Last but not least, don’t limit yourself! You never know what future opportunities await!

Surry Libraries booth

Bonus: thoughts on interview attire

With the generational shift and prospective employees coming from overseas, there is an increase of potential candidates who are unsure of how to dress when going to an interview.

When asked about their thoughts on interview attire, the vast majority of recruiters agreed it’s best to dress up than to dress casual.

Of course, the answer will vary depending on what job you’re applying for but as the London Drugs recruiter points out, you are representing your own brand during an interview and the best way to do that is to dress up and stand out from the other potential applicants!

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We hope that our interview roundup gave you valuable insight on what to consider when applying for a job and we wish you all the best in your career path!

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