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Fall 2023 NSO Recap: A Photographic Look at the Start of the Semester!

Written by Alexander College in Event on September 5, 2023

Fall Term 2023 has officially started and we would like to welcome all the new students at Alexander College!

We understand starting school (and perhaps starting life in a new country) can be a daunting task, so at the beginning of each semester we host a New Student Orientation so students are able to learn about essential services like our complementary Office 365 suite, Academic Advising, and more. Along with our informative workshops, we also provide fun activities and snacks.

student filming activities

Missed out? Here is a recap of our New Student Orientation for Fall 2023:

Step 1: Check-in

The first step, of course, is to check in! At the check-in table, students are given wristbands corresponding with the session along with a goody bag which contains an assortment of useful school merch, including a notebook for note taking.

staff helping with check-ins

Step 2: Workshops

After checking in, the next stop are the workshops! In order to help students settle in, we provide a series of workshops that cover a range of essential topics such as medical insurance, Academic Advising services, how to order documents, and more. The presenters are also more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

ACSA presentation

Step 3: Have a snack and have fun!

Once the workshops are over, it’s time to have some food and have fun! Room 240-243 provides a large space full of snacks, activities, and opportunities to meet new friends.

basketball activity

Outside the activity rooms, you can find a flower wall for photos. If you’re lucky, the Social Media team may feature you in an upcoming video!

student being interviewed for social media

‘What are you looking forward to?’

We also interviewed some new students to see what they were looking forward to on their academic journey or their new life in Canada and this is what some students had to say:

“A+ in class.” – Amy (China)

“Just starting this new path in my life, that’s what I’m excited for.” – Diego (Mexico)

“I’m excited for the courses that I’m taking and I’m looking forward to everything!” – Jassnoor (India)

NSO staff with students

We hope all the new students at Alexander College had a blast at our New Student Orientation and we wish them all the best on their academic journey!

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