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English as an Additional Language

Alexander College provides an energized, interactive academic environment for the study of English as an Additional Language (EAL). Students will be able to first build their foundational English language skills, and then progress to developing their academic English language skills.

The EAL program consists of five levels that take the learner from Foundational to Advanced English language competency:

Course Code Description Prerequisite(s)
English 068 English Fundamentals Internal Placement Test
English 078 English Beginner ENGL 068 (C or higher)
English 088 English Intermediate ENGL 078 (C or higher)
English 098 English Academic Preparation: Upper Intermediate ENGL 088 (C or higher)
English 099 English Academic Preparation: Advanced ENGL 098 (C or higher)

ENGL 068-088: The first three levels of the AC EAL program are English 068 Foundations, English 078 Beginner and English 088 Intermediate. The central goal of these courses is to improve one’s ability to communicate. Therefore, these English language courses focus on all aspects of learning English: improving listening, speaking, grammar, reading, and writing. There is typically a strong focus on vocabulary, idioms, and phrasal verbs.

ENGL 098-099: The last two levels of the AC EAL program are ENGL 098 Upper Intermediate and ENGL 099 Advanced. These courses are designed to improve a student’s English language skills to prepare them for the university and college classroom. Therefore, these courses focus on improving listening, speaking, writing, and reading for the university classroom, specifically research, essay practice, citations and improving note-taking skills. Vocabulary lessons focus more on academic English rather than idioms, slang, and phrasal verbs.

While enrolled in ENGL 098 or ENGL 099, students may begin taking select undergraduate level courses, as follows:

  • ENGL 098 + up to 2 undergraduate-level courses/term
  • ENGL 099 + up to 3 undergraduate-level courses/term

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ESL (English as a Second Language)

The AC ESL curriculum was developed by starting with the fundamental learning outcomes and working backwards, bringing the English language to life through the creation of an interactive learning experience.

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EAP (English for Academic Purposes)

The English for Academic Purposes Program is a preparatory program that develops core English Language skills within a post-secondary context. This enables students to approach College/University studies with the required foundational English language competencies.