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AC 101 Introduction

What is AC 101?

AC 101 is an online course designed for both new and returning students. In AC 101, students can discover ways to prepare for their first term, explore strategies for distance learning, learn how to stay connected with virtual events, identify which department to contact for various services, and review important changes for the upcoming term.

Check out the AC 101 video tutorial!

When should I start AC 101?

Feeling nervous about your first term at Alexander College? Reviewing AC 101 is a good way to reduce new student anxiety, introduces important student resources, and helps you prepare for your first week. New students are encouraged to start reviewing AC 101 prior to attending New Student Orientation and the start of the term.

How long does AC 101 take to complete?

Students should set-aside two hours to complete AC 101. This time can be broken up over several days and does not need to be completed in one session.

Where do I start?

AC 101 is divided into seven sections that are designed to be reviewed in the order displayed (left to right, top to bottom). The sections were designed to build upon each other, so by the end of the course, students feel confident about starting the new term.

AC 101 Instructions

Click ‘Start AC 101’ or keep scrolling down to the Start AC 101 header.

Start at ‘Review Your Welcome Package’.Click the image to access the course material for each section.

Click each link within the section and explore the webpage, video tutorial or PDF. Students do not need to review every webpage, video tutorial or program in detail, but should have a basic understanding of each section.

Test your knowledge with a practice quiz.
Attempting practice quizzes will help you remember important information and get you ready for the AC 101 Final Quiz.

Take the AC 101 Final Quiz in MyAC!

If you are a new student and have already reviewed your Welcome Package, you may skip this section and start with 'Your First Term of Study'.

If you are a returning student, you may skip the first two sections and start at 'Office of Student Affairs'.

Start AC 101

Participate in
Campus Culture

Connect with your community
Student at Alexander College

Connect with other students, participate in virtual events, and follow us on social media.

Volunteering +
On-Campus Work

Find opportunities to work at AC
Student at Alexander College

Opportunities for on-campus work, volunteering, and peer-to-peer support.

Practice + Final

Ready to take the Final Quiz?
Student at Alexander College

Test your knowledge with our Practice Quizzes on Canvas.

Students should take the AC 101 Final Quiz in MyAC within the first three weeks of each term.

Get in
Contact with Us

Request Information or Apply Online
Student at Alexander College

Get contact information such as campus maps, phone numbers and staff directory.


*The examples shown are only of University Transfer and EAP level courses.

AC 101 Final Quiz

What is the AC 101 Final Quiz?

Once you have reviewed each section of AC 101, test your knowledge with the AC 101 Final Quiz. The AC 101 Final Quiz is made up of 20, multiple-choice questions that covers important content from each section of AC 101. All students who pass the AC 101 Final Quiz before the deadline are automatically eligible for a +1 participation bonus mark in each of your classes.

How do I access the AC 101 Final Quiz?

To take the AC 101 Final Quiz, login to your MyAC account and click ‘My Current Courses’. The AC 101 Final Quiz will appear as a course. Click ‘Take Quiz’ to start. Students have an unlimited number of attempts to pass the Final Quiz. To pass, students must earn a score of 16/20 or higher.

When is deadline for the AC 101 Final Quiz?

The AC 101 Final Quiz is available for a limited time each term and will disappear from your MyAC account after your first midterm exam. We recommend completing the AC 101 Final Quiz at the start of each term, ideally within the first three weeks or before your first midterm exam, whichever comes first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top 5 questions about AC 101!

If you have more questions about AC 101, please contact Student

  • Why should I complete AC 101?

    While there are many reasons to complete AC 101, some of the most notable benefits include:

    • Upon successful completion of the AC 101 Final Quiz, automatically receive a bonus mark in each of your courses*
    • Introduces important departments, resources, and services offered at Alexander College
    • Helps students identify the different services offered at the institution and how to connect with the appropriate department
    • Outlines the expectations for students on topics such as online examinations, plagiarism, and citations
    • Identifies ways for students to get involved in campus culture, events, and student-led clubs

    * All students who pass the AC 101 Final Quiz prior to the deadline are automatically eligible for a bonus mark in each of their classes.

  • I’m feeling overwhelmed with the amount of content. Are there strategies for completing AC 101?

    Yes! AC 101 contains a lot of important information students should be familiar with. However, it can be a lot to review in one sitting.

    We recommend breaking up AC 101 into a few different sessions, taking the time to explore the different departments, additional content, and watch our interactive tutorials! Click here for a suggested schedule to complete AC 101.

  • I just re-took the AC 101 Final Quiz in MyAC but my mark didn’t change. What happened?

    The score displayed below the course name is your best score across all attempts. This means, if your score has not changed after several attempts, you have not beat your highest score. Students have an unlimited amount of attempts to pass the AC 101 Final Quiz. The passing mark is 16/20 or 80%.

  • How do I receive my bonus participation mark?

    Once you have successfully passed the quiz, this will appear under the AC 101 Final Quiz course in MyAC. Your AC 101 Final Quiz mark will be automatically submitted to each of your instructor's gradebooks. You will receive the bonus participation mark by the end of the term.

  • I can no longer see the AC 101 Final Quiz course in MyAC. Where did it go?

    If the quiz has disappeared from your MyAC account, unfortunately the deadline has passed to complete the quiz for this term. While we do our best to provide an accurate timeline for completion, we cannot predict the exact date for each student.

    The AC 101 Final Quiz (and associated bonus mark) is available for students each term and is worth approximately 1% of a student's final grade. This means you will have future opportunities to receive a bonus mark.