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Learning Methods
In addition to traditional lectures and class readings, students will engage in hands-on individual and group activities in which they can explore the concepts they have learned. Library research, essay-writing, presentations, field trips and guest speakers are complemented by classroom technology and online learning.

Major Focus
Anthropology is the comparative study of human beings and cultures. Anthropologists explore differences in food systems, lifeways, spirituality, family structure, economies and other areas of industrial and non-industrial societies around the world, as well as human physical adaptations to the environment. If you are curious about the diversity of human cultural experience, then anthropology is for you.

The AC Difference
AC students gain from small class sizes and access to instructors with varied expertise and research interests. AC is working towards expanding the number of transferable anthropology courses. All students have free access to private tutoring for assignments and readings through our Writing and Learning Centre.

Career Outlook
Anthropology students gain communication and research skills, critical thinking abilities and an appreciation of human cultural diversity. This prepares them for careers in such diverse areas as tourism, teaching, cultural planning, government, international aid, and foreign services.

Course Descriptions

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ANTH 101 – Introduction to Anthropology (3)

What differentiates humans from other animals and from each other? Anthropology attempts to answer this question by exploring the diversity of human culture, including the social, economic, political, linguistic, and belief systems of industrial and non-industrial societies from around the world. Types of anthropology and its historical development, fieldwork practices, and problems in anthropology will also be discussed. Special attention will be paid to indigenous and postcolonial perspectives, as well as ethical fieldwork practices and the maintenance of human rights in a global framework.

ENGL 099

Transfers to:
UBC ANTH 100 (3)
SFU SA 1XX (0), SA 101 (3)
UVIC ANTH 200 (1.5)
UNBC ANTH 213 (3)
TRU ANTH 1210 (3)

Dr. Samantha May

Department Head of Social Sciences & Instructor

Dr. Samantha May


Samantha’s research and teaching experience includes sociology and language revitalization as well as English as a Second Language teaching and academic writing.

After graduating from Simon Fraser University, Samantha gained first-hand experience as an international student while on the Japanese government MEXT program in Okinawa, Japan.

She completed her master’s in Linguistics and Communications and doctorate in Comparative Regional Culture and Area Studies at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan, and continues her Foundation for Endangered Languages (FEL)-sponsored research on language reclamation in Okinawan cultural arts.

Lindsay Simpson


Lindsay Simpson


Lindsay holds a M.A in Anthropology from Simon Fraser University.

Her thesis, Studenthood: An ethnography of post-secondary student life, explores the distinct subjectivity of students through a variety of participant action research methods with a focus on the notion of student fragility. Using life course theory and the related concepts of tacking and vital conjunctures, Lindsay explores student navigational strategies and rethinks this demarcated period in the life course which has been traditionally perceived as a period of adolescent indecisiveness encapsulated as liminality. Lindsay’s future research aims to better understand how higher education marketing fosters an environment of student fragility that necessitates numerous institutionally sanctioned stress-relief practices.

Lindsay is currently working with Simon Fraser University and The University of Toronto on a national workforce intergration social enterprise (WISE) longitudinal evaluation project (SSHRC Insight Grant, 2017-2022). This study follows youth graduates of social enterprise-based training programs to see to what extent they can integrate into the workforce. Lindsay’s previous experience includes working with SFU’s Urban Studies Department on an employer transit subsidy study (ETSS). This project involved conducting experimental research on a worker transit subsidy program for downtown Vancouver hotel workers and included an examination of transit ridership levels, commuting patterns, and workplace performance.


Canadian Anthropology Society

Dedicated to the promotion of anthropological research, ensuring a high-quality anthropological education for Canadian graduates and undergraduates, and supporting those doing anthropological work outside of academia, the Canadian Anthropology Society now has over 500 members from around the world.

American Anthropological Association

The American Anthropological Association was founded in 1902 by famous anthropologist Franz Boas. It is now the largest organization of anthropologists in the world, including membership in both higher education and the private sector, as well as 40 specialized sub-sections within the organization, 22 journals and career services.

World Council of Anthropological Associations

The World Council of Anthropological Associations includes regional, national and international anthropological organizations that seek to jointly promote anthropology as an international discipline, through international cooperation, scientific events, and joint research activities. Links to various anthropology organizations around the world are included on the website.

Anthropology resources for learners and teachers

British Columbia Assembly of First Nations

World Health Organization (WHO)

National Geographic

Simon Fraser University Sociology and Anthropology Department

University of British Columbia Anthropology Department

Museum of Anthropology (at UBC)

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