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Learning Methods
Students will be initiated into a world of politics through traditional lectures, in-class activities, debates, current events and journalism, popular media resources, and historical and present-day case studies.

Students will be thoroughly introduced to the languages of political study and practice in Canada, and worldwide, too.

Major Focus
Political science is a central element in the social sciences and focuses on the use of rationality and knowledge applied to public policy, government structure, international relations, and combines these sorts of foci with a deep exploration of the foundational ideas that underpin politics, the state, morality, ethics, freedom, security, and, ultimately, the “good” life.

The AC Difference
With smaller classes sizes and engaged instructors working closely with students, courses in political science at Alexander College can guide students in debates, policy projects, and deep-dive research assignments through the College’s library and electronic reserve offerings.

Career Outlook
Political science graduates work in all sectors of life and their skills with reading policy tables, interpreting and analyzing data, strategic communications, historical research, and many other relevant fields and sub-fields, leave them well-placed in the community.

Political scientists are often lawyers, work in the government, throughout the corporate world, in research and think tanks, in the media and in journalism, and, of course, old-fashioned retail campaign politics.

This is an exciting field to enter at a time where the growth of the role of the state in society will demand more and more critical thinking and political skills from all people.

Course Descriptions

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POLI 100 - Introduction to Political Science (3)

The aim of this course is to introduce students to the various systems which communities use to establish, elect, structure, and manage their governing bodies. Students will learn about the impact of political systems on the major issues of the day, including climate change, globalization, the threat of nuclear war, the distribution of wealth, race relations, cultural hegemony, and regional dynamics.

ENGL 098

Transfers to:
SFU POL 100 (3) B-Soc
UNBC POLS 100 (3)

1. International Encyclopedia of Political Science

2. The Federataion of American Scientists

3. Foreign Policy in Focus

4. Podomatic : All things politics and culture

5. CBC Podcasts : Power and Politics

6. Canadian Political Science Association

CPSA | Canadian Political Science Association (

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