Learning Methods
Both Instructors and students use a wide variety of active learning methods including film, class discussions and projects, guest speakers and multi-media presentations.

Major Focus
A major focus of the courses is on the development of skills in research, writing, critical reading, and critical thinking.

The AC Difference
A major initiative has been to incorporate the “Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts“ into the curriculum. These are critical ways of thinking about historical issues, events and people.

Career Outlook
Studying history significantly supports students in developing important skills sets including communication (oral and written), research, critical thinking and analytic skills that are essential job requirements for future employment in the fields of business, industry, education, government and public service and others.

Course Descriptions

Select a course below to see full descriptions. (#) Indicates amount of credits per course.

HIST 101 Canada to Confederation (3)

A study of Canadian history from the period of earliest human occupation to Confederation in 1867, this course examines major themes in Canada's past, including: early First Nations cultures; contact and interaction between aboriginal societies and European cultures; social, economic, and political developments in New France and early British North America; struggles for control over the North American continent in the eighteenth century; immigration, industrialization, and social and political reform in the nineteenth century; the confederation question; and the emergence of Canada as a separate North American nation-state.

ENGL 098

Transfers to:
UBC HIST 101 (3) & HIST 102 (3) = UBC HIST 235 (6)
SFU HIST 101 (3)
UVic HSTR 230A (1.5)
UNBC HIST 210 (3)
TRU HIST 1120 (3)

HIST 102 Canada Since Confederation (3)

Was Confederation a noble experiment in nationalism and self-determination? Or was it a cynical tactic by a small group of powerful men? Who benefited? And who paid the price? What have parliamentary democracy and free enterprise meant to regions, natives, women, workers, and elites? Is the history of Canada a story of adventure, patriotism, and courage, or is it a story of avarice, plunder, and pillage? Is it a history of peaceful conformity or confrontation and rebellion? This course introduces students to fundamental skills and ideas involved in studying and writing history, including critical thinking, evaluating sources, and writing.

ENGL 098

Transfers to:
UBC HIST 101 (3) & HIST 102 (3) = UBC HIST 235 (6)
SFU HIST 102 (3)
UVic HSTR 230B (1.5)
UNBC HIST 211 (3)
TRU HIST 1220 (3)

HIST 201 India Under British Rule (3)

This course examines the history of India from the late Mughal period and the arrival of the British to the Freedom Movement and the emergence in 1947 of the independent states of India and Pakistan.

ENGL 099, one of HIST 101 or 102

Transfers to:
UBC ASIA 2nd (3)
UVic HSTR 2XX (1.5)

HIST 223 Early Modern Europe, 1500-1789 (3)

A survey of early modern European history which examines the wars of religion, the 17th century revolutions, 16th and 17th century economic development, the scientific revolution, the enlightenment, and the political and social character of the old regime.

ENGL 099, one of HIST 101 or HIST 102

Transfers to:
UBC ALEX HIST 223 (3) & ALEX HIST 224 (3) = UBC HIST 220 (6)
SFU HIST 223 (3)
UVic HSTR 240A (1.5)
TRU HIST 1160 (3)

HIST 224 Europe from the French Revolution to the First World War (3)

A survey of European history emphasizing the French Revolution, and Napoleonic Europe and first Industrial Revolution, liberalism and its opponents, agrarian conservatism, liberalism and conservatism, the Revolution of 1848, the struggles for political unification, the second Industrial Revolution, and the origins of the First World War.

ENGL 099, one of HIST 101 or HIST 102

Transfers to:
UBC HIST 223 (3) & ALEX HIST 224 (3) = UBC HIST 220 (6)
SFU HIST 224 (3)
UVic HSTR 240B (1.5)
TRU HIST 1260 (3)

Hugh Johnston

History Department Founder

Hugh Johnston

History Department Founder

The History Department at Alexander College was founded by Hugh Johnston, PhD. Dr. Johnston currently serves on the Board of Directors and advises to the History Department.

Prior to his retirement, Hugh taught history at SFU for 36 years. For 11 of those years, he was the department chair and he continues to enjoy teaching in the Adults 55+ Program at SFU.

He is a well-known authority on Sikhs in Canada and has written about South Asian migration and settlement.

Other writings include: British immigration, 18th-century exploration of the Pacific Northwest, the history of British Columbia, and higher education in Canada.

Sebastian Huebel

Department Head, Humanities

Sebastian Huebel

Department Head, Humanities

Dr. Sebastian Huebel completed his PhD at UBC in the fall of 2017, specializing in modern European history. His dissertation examines German-Jewish men in Nazi Germany.

Sebastian has taught at TRU in Kamloops for several years and has been an instructor at Simon Fraser University Continuing Studies since 2014.

At Alexander College, Sebastian teaches European and Canadian history.

Anjali Malhotra


Anjali Malhotra


Anjali Malhotra has received her BA/B.Ed. and her teaching certification (PDP) from Simon Fraser University and then went on further to pursue her Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Humanities and History from New York University.

Anjali’s research specializes on the histories of modern South Asia. Currently, she is teaching in the History department at Alexander College.

She has extensively worked, taught, and travelled internationally, gaining a diversified exposure to various teaching and learning practices from around the world.

She was invited to speak on her thesis research in Delhi and Hyderabad in India and at U-Mass, Amherst and University of Florida in the USA.

Iain O'Shea


Iain O'Shea


Iain is a specialist in the history of civil-military relations and propaganda, with his dissertation delving into tens of thousands of newspaper and periodical articles as well as hundred of virtually illegible letters in an effort to comprehend a series of naval scares in late nineteenth-century Britain.

In addition to his work at Alexander College, Iain has taught at the University of Victoria, Thompson Rivers University on subjects including military history, Canadian history, 18th-20th century European history, and the history of Ancient Greece and Rome. At Alexander College his highlights include a walking tour of historic Vancouver for HIST 102.

History 101 and 102: History of Canada

The Historical Thinking Project

The Historical Thinking Project was designed to foster a new approach to history education — with the potential to shift how teachers teach and how students learn, in line with recent international research on history learning.


Truth & Reconciliation Centre Resources


The History Education Network/Histoire et éducation en réseau (THEN/HiER)

The History Education Network/Histoire et éducation en réseau (THEN/HiER) is a collaborative network across the diverse fields of history, history education and school history teaching in Canada. It brings together people from across Canada and internationally to inform, carry out, critique, and implement research into history education.


Canadian History – Primary Sources – TRU Library

The recommended sources listed have primary documents on many subject areas in Canadian History.


History of the Canadian North – Essay Topics

Website contains a list of suggested essay topics for which there are ample scholarly resources available.


National Film Board of Canada

Welcome to the best Canadian destination for point-of-view documentaries, animation films, interactive projects and Canadian films. Watch over 3,000 captivating documentaries, feature films and animation films for free.


History 201: India Under the British Raj

India — The Jewel of the British Raj (video)

YouTube Video

The Better India


Digital South Asia Library


Primary Source Documents collection


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