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Learning Methods
This course uses a wide variety of methods to be relevant for different areas of study. A strong emphasis is placed on active participation and communication skills.

Major Focus
The focus is student success with topics including goal setting, time management, participation, active reading, note-taking, study skills, presentations, stress, and wellness.

The AC Difference
AC is proud to offer students who are struggling this opportunity to improve their skills so they can accomplish all of their goals. It’s a second chance that can make a huge difference.

Career Outlook
Students will examine employability skills desired by Canadian employers and learn how skills developed in the classroom are transferable to a wide variety of careers.

Course Descriptions

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**This course takes place at Brighton College, Burnaby campus**

This full-time course (16 hours per week) teaches the tools students need to be successful in post-secondary education. Topics include: goal setting, time management, studying, note-taking, reading, writing, and oral communication.

Students who are suspended from the College due to academic performance (low GPA) may be reinstated on successful completion of UPRE 099.

ENGL 097 or EASL 089

Other Requirements:
To be eligible to enrol in UPRE 099, a student must be on academic suspension from Alexander College due to low GPA or suspended for Academic or Behavioural Misconduct (i.e. Students who are not on academic suspension are not eligible to enrol in UPRE 099)

Transfers to:
Not Available

Bethany Koepke


Bethany Koepke


Bethany Koepke (Instructor) has an MA in English (Simon Fraser) and an MEd in Language and Diversity (Calgary).

She has a strong passion for developing student success with skills that will help them inside and outside of the classroom.

She favours highly interactive and participatory learning methods. Bethany has several years’ experience teaching English, EAP, and University Preparation at a variety of levels in different contexts, and has been at Alexander College since 2017.

In her free time Bethany is a dedicated volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada and loves movies, reading, and cats.


University Success (Transition Level). This three-book set uses real academic subject material to support skills in reading, writing, and oral communication. This resource is provided to all UPRE students and can be picked up at the AC Bookstore.

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