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Learning Methods
The interdisciplinary approach in this field will expose students to multimodal instructional methods including music appreciation, interactive role-playing and communications games, flipped classrooms and group presentations, and of course, traditional lectures.

The eclectic nature of the subject matter requires mixed pedagogical and learning approaches.

Major Focus
International Studies is an established interdisciplinary field within the social sciences, but is relatively new owing to its connection with the emergence of a truly global society in the 20th century.

Mainstream courses in international studies draw upon resources from political science, economics, history, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, feminist theory and philosophy, global/critical race theory, media and technology studies, arts and music, and even the natural sciences as needed to inform our empirical understanding of “the international” terrain.

The AC Difference
With smaller classes sizes and engaged instructors working closely with students, courses in international studies at Alexander College will offer students a chance to collaborate closely across cultural differences, create guided group projects and presentation, and to undertake deep-dive research assignments through the College’s library and electronic reserve offerings.

Career Outlook
International studies graduates work in all sectors of life and their skills with intercultural understanding, collaborative problem-solving in diverse groups, and general knowledge about all matter global and international leave them well-placed in the community.

Scholars of international studies are often employed by international non-governmental organizations and supranational institutions, in national government, in global multi-national corporation, in research and think tanks, in the media and in journalism and various international cultural and educational milieu all around the world.

Our essentially global society will consistently require the diverse and practical knowledge that students of international studies develop in their scholarship with their instructors and professors – and that knowledge is increasingly what is demanded of leaders in all kinds of organizations.

Course Descriptions

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INST 101 - Introduction to International Studies (3)

This course analyzes how global forces and processes affect individuals, nation-states, and the global community. The integration of capital, technology, and information across national borders reflects the emergence of a global society. As such it is appropriate that issues such as war, peace, environmental collapse, cultural transformation, and social justice ought to be examined as global and no longer only national concerns. This course considers politics, economics, institutional transformation, religion, environmental issues, and alternatives to globalization, and is constructed in the spirit of interdisciplinary scholarship that has been at the heart of the development of International and Global Studies.

ENGL 099

Transfers to:
SFU IS 101 (3) B-Hum/Soc
UNBC INTS 100 (3)

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